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Masks by Saidul Haque Juise

ExhibitionsRezaul Haque

The Strange and Wonderful World of MASS MoCA

ExhibitionsRezaul Haque

I'm walking on the wooden floors of a vast museum. I tread softly because my shoes are making too much noise. Or at least I think it is in this impeccable hall of Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (also known as MASS MoCA) where I suspect you can hear a pin drop. I've never seen anything quite like this strange and wonderful place. No other museum could house art at this scale, I marvel. Certainly not anything in Boston, there's just not enough land (MASS MoCA has 250,000 square feet of gallery space!). It takes a while to get acclimated and get my bearings. Did I mention it was big? 

Voltage Coffee & Art Presents Artist Trekker

ExhibitionsRezaul Haque

People tend to spend their free time doing things that interest them, that make them feel good.  Very often our jobs are not what define us, it’s what we choose to do after 5pm that really gets us going.   For Reza and Fatema of Artist Trekker, they choose to travel to Bangladesh to meet with local artists and bring back with them selections of artwork to show at pop-up exhibitions around Boston.