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How to Select the Perfect Frame

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Most of the paintings we bring to the US are unframed so, as you might well imagine, we do lots of framing. These are a few things we think about when framing. Most importantly, you should choose what pleases you aesthetically. Having said that, consider the following 10 guidelines for your next framing project.

Lost Innocence - Mohammad Iqbal

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Mohammad Iqbal spent eleven years in Japan, doing higher studies in art, and received his Ph.D. degree from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010. A chapter of his Ph.D. dissertation titled “Civilization and Destruction” where he shows how children have to pay a heavy price for the wars the elders wage in different flash-points of the world. As the children lose their innocence, the world turns into a wasteland. Iqbal has tried to understand why these periodic outbursts of madness occur, and how these have led to a crisis of civilization. The crisis has become all the more intractable with newer catastrophes like ecological degradation and economic disasters that put children’s lives in jeopardy. While working on his dissertation, Iqbal planned and proceeded with a series of paintings depicting the clash between innocence and experience. For an authentic representation of the sense of loss caused by such a clash, Iqbal went back to his own personal experiences during the Bangladesh war of liberation in 1971 when he was only 4, and extrapolate those for projecting a grim picture not only of our time but also of the future. He finished the series in Bangladesh, where he moved back on completion of his Ph.D. and joined the Institute of Art of Dhaka University as a Lecturer.

What is Modern Art?

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Unless you're an art history major, you may find all the different styles of modern art daunting. To help, we've put together a little cheat sheet. So next time when you see a Rubik's Cube, you won't think of Cubism, but Pop Art.

How Zainul Abedin Started the Modern Art Movement in Bangladesh

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If you try to see Bangladesh's visual art holistically, you will mostly see what the art community calls "oriental art." A form of art that primarily draws on Moghul paintings.

This wasn't always so, around the time of India Pakistan partition Bangladesh saw the beginnings of modern art uniquely its own. This is where the artist Zainul Abedin comes in. This post will give you a little bit of history about him so you know how he became one of the pioneers or Bangladesh's modern art movement.