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New Artwork by Bishwajit Goswami

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With "Enlightened," Bishwajit shows us how the way we learn the Bangla Barnamala (alphabet) is a reflection of our enlightened selves. Our learning journey begins with the Bangla Barnamala which reflects our true expressions. And in Bangladesh that childhood journey begins with a slate chalkboard. 

Inside Ranjit Das' Studio

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One of the most exciting ways to discover new artists is to see them in action inside their studios. To help you get to know the many talented artists on Artist Trekker, we invite you to preview their works-in-progress, learn about what inspires them, and see their work hanging on their studio walls or in recent exhibitions.

The First Time I Saw Art

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The first time I saw art up close and personal was when I was 12 and my mother brought home two Quamrul Hassan’s (oils) and an unframed watercolor she said he (the artist, Quamrul Hassan!!!) had just given her (“tor jeta pochondo hoi tui niye ja!” she quoted him as saying).