Artist Trekker

Bishwajit Goswami


Bishwajit is comfortable using acrylic on canvas. But that's not to say that's his only medium. What's makes him different from other Bangladeshi artists is that he's always pushing himself. Always trying new things and new mediums. Anywhere from painting on tiled saris to installation art. Art lovers in Bangladesh know him for his works depicting dark textural human figures. 

His style has a little rickshaw art in it. It's rare for Bangladeshi artists to focus on the naked human form.  Partly because of the conservative society. His hyper-realistic Quest for Soul series did just that. He did it in a way he does all his works, he did it with a sense of drama and story. 

As an artist who's always trying new things, the only common theme is the story. Where when you look at his work, you want to know what happened before and what may happen after. 

Bishwajit's fearlessness is one of his unique characteristics. The type of fearlessness that makes him say, I'm going to something completely different.  As a lecturer at Dhaka University, he is generous with his knowledge. In spite of his formidable talent, he remains humble and optimistic. 

His art is just not for art sake, it's because he has a story to tell. And that makes the best kind of art. When the world comes to know Bangladesh for its artists, it will be partly because of Bishwajit.